Armored, certified rooms and panels
Burglary resistant - Bulletproof - Electromagnetic
Burglary resistant Bulletproof Electromagnetic
Armored, Certified Rooms And Panels


The modular vault room :
A solution that adapts to your buildings

The banking sector and the luxury sector (jewellery, clocks and watches, gold and silver, etc.) both have highly specific requirements as regards advanced security that call for a genuine capacity for personalization to always be able to better protect their property and personnel. Facing such a challenge it is clear that the conventional vault, heavy and cumbersome, is not always adapted and that these sectors have a real need for innovation.



An innovating vault

In fact, although many and various vault room solutions do exist, the diversity and complexity of the building stock of these sectors implies a need for made-to-measure security solutions such as: the light modular vault.

Whatever has to be protected:

  • A listed historic building that may not undergo major modification,
  • A building subjected to structural restrictions or loads,
  • Your property and personnel in difficult access zones,
  • Your property and personnel in a building with a very unusual configuration



It is now easy to make such buildings perfectly secure thanks to Flexofin panels. These panels, made of steel sheet, conceal a secret patented mix offering many advantages:

Quick and easy assembly

It is a great advantage for all zones to be protected that have complex access (skyscraper, city centre, etc.) or those that cannot accommodate long works. Our teams take 3D measurements of the zones to protect and then analyse and optimize the space in advance so as to speed up the installation of your vault room! You do not have to remodel your interior or accept losing space. The reinforced Flexofin panels follow the perimeter lines of your rooms and offer you all the protected space you need!

Our vault rooms are assembled by simple bolting. Construction therefore does not require any large-scale work and avoids all the usual inconvenience. Likewise, if your needs evolve, our solution can even be relocated and adapted!

Certifications and possibilities

As welcome and necessary as it may be, innovation in such important sectors absolutely cannot come at the expense of security. That is why the Bunkerkit Flexofin panels comply with Class V of the EN 1143-1 standard. Also known as the “strong room standard“, it lays down the specifications, classifications and methods that control the quality and security of safes, strongboxes, deposit safes, strong rooms and reinforced doors. The various classes provide a reliable indication.

To be sure of obtaining an official certification from the European Certification Body (ECB-S) our equipment is tested in one of the laboratories accredited by the European Fire and Security Group (EFSG): the CNPP, situated in France. These tests are particularly strict and guarantee the resistance of the product in real life situations. Such certification also offers proof that our modular vault is much more advanced than conventional strong rooms in terms of security. Finally, our Flexofin vaults have a 15 year guarantee, proof of their efficiency!

Resistance and lightness

Final element: the weight of the Flexofin panels. Ultra-light, they are no less resistant and are EN 1143-1 certified. However, their lightness offers unequalled possibilities and allows integration of an armoured vault in very complex zones, such as an upper floor of a listed building unable to bear the load of an extremely heavy conventional vault room. The light weight of the panels is another feature that makes for easy maintenance and installation of our solution.

To recap, the specific characteristics of your building stock no longer limit your security needs! From the entrance hall to the counters, but also the highest floors of a building and the cellars, each part of your building can be made as secure as a conventional vault!

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