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kogelwerende norm FB4 FB5 FB6 FB7 AK47


Standard EN1522-1523 | FB4 - FB5 - FB6 - FB7 - AK47


Standard EN1522-1523 | FB4 - FB5 - FB6 - FB7 - AK47

Bunkerkit has been tested and certified in accordance with European ballistic protection standards EN 1522-1523. Its performance levels cover classes FB4, FB5, FB6, FB7 and AK47 Kalashnikov.

Bunkerkit holds the test reports drawn up by the laboratory of the Royal Military Academy of Belgium corresponding to the different classes tested.

A performance requirement

Bunkerkit satisfies the performance requirements banning

the passage of a projectile or part of a projectile

Point 2

the splintering of the back of the wall

Point 3

the creation of a passage through the wall

The standards do not take account of the effect of rebounding bullets on the wall, which could cause other damage and constitute an uncontrolled threat. That is why Bunkerkit goes beyond these standards and is able to trap bullets inside the partition to prevent rebounding.

The certification tests

The Laboratory of the Royal Military Academy of Belgium

The Laboratory of the Royal Military Academy is the only body authorised in Belgium to carry out the tests according to the procedure required for certification. First of all, the impacts are directed at the centre of the panel to check the resistance of its intrinsic composition.
After this, the joints between the panels are tested.

The test report indicates whether there were any splinters (Splitting) or not (Non-Splitting) inside the secure zone. During the tests, an aluminium control sheet (0.02 mm thick) is placed inside the Bunkerkit (i.e. behind the samples tested) to detect all splinters which could come from the walls themselves.

Test de tir sur Bunkerkit avec HK-G3
Tableau classification des classes de résistance

Classification of ballistic standard EN1522-1523

Standard EN 1522-1523 comprises 7 ‘closed’ classes covering the munitions most commonly available on the European market. Classes FB1 to FB7 are ranked by increasing level of the protection provided. This means that a wall which meets the requirements defined for a given class also complies with the lower classes.

There are also other so-called ‘open’ classes. These classes cover munitions and calibres less commonly found in Europe. Bunkerkit has passed the tests for the open class ‘AK47’. These tests aim to check resistance to an attacking using a Kalashnikov, a weapon officially considered to be ‘uncommon’ as it is not widely sold in Europe, but which is in fact frequently used in armed attacks.

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